Event Trends: Sustainability at Conclave

The Events Industry Council is a great partner for ESPA and a great organization to aid in the setup, maintenance and evolution of best practices in our industry.  Green Meetings is an important topic that EIC and ESPA have helped raise awareness in. I attended the CMP Conclave in Birmingham, AL last month and experienced firsthand how EIC puts their own advice to work in meetings.

A variety of sustainable practices were evident throughout the Conclave and below are just a few of those samples:

  • Reusable/Sustainable Centerpieces
  • Repurposed/Reusable Signage (general branded signage with interchangeable arrows)
  • Beverage Service – Reduced Coffee Stations based on peak times, and table tea service rather than individual pre-set beverages
  • Elimination of bottled water – provide water stations/fountains and encourage personal reusable bottles
  • Elimination of straws – encourage reusable straws. EIC actually gave out reusable straws during their presence at IMEX.
  • Repurpose or donate materials – Mariela McIlwraith, EIC’s Director of Sustainability showcased her fun banner dress, made of recycled banners, pictured here.

Overall, EIC did a great job showcasing small and big ways that meetings impact the environment and provided ideas on what we can do to minimize our footprint and increase sustainability.  For more sustainability best practices and resources, check out EIC’s Resource library here and this helpful infographic.

Submitted by Paola Bowman, CMP, CMM

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