Mentor Program

ESPA Mentor Program

Sharing Knowledge to Motivate, Encourage and Empower

As described by MentorLoop, there are many benefits of mentor programs including building confidence, growing your network, empowerment, improving your leadership and communications skills, and of course
making human connections.

ESPA is excited to be relaunching its mentor program and we invite all members to be a part of it!

This program is designed to create a valuable connection and ongoing bond between veteran event service professionals and up and coming professionals in our field as well as students. Through successful partnership and sharing of institutional knowledge, ideas, and industry resources—the mentor and mentee will mutually benefit from this reciprocal connection.

Why the ESPA Mentor Program?

We believe a key benefit of ESPA is networking and the sharing of experiences and successes within the event services community. ESPA as an organization offers education and networking to event services professionals—the Mentor Program capitalizes on the networking—taking it a step further to help create cross-beneficial relationships. The Mentor Program is also a wonderful opportunity for reverse mentoring, giving the mentor an opportunity to learn and see a fresh perspective from those new to the industry.

Who are the ESPA Mentors?

Mentors are made up of the volunteer seasoned ESPs who have a passion, both for our industry and for helping to groom and shape future industry leaders.

How does the ESPA Mentor Program Work?

When a member signs up to be partnered with a mentor, ESPA will assign one from a pool of mentor volunteers. We will ideally match members based on discipline (i.e., hotel, convention center, CVB, planner, etc.) and region; however, this might not always be possible.

The relationship builds from there and is driven by you. Once the connection is made, a mentor is a go-to resource, giving guidance, offering solutions or ideas, or sometimes just listening—these principles are what is at the core of being a mentor.

If you are an ESPA member and would like to sign up to be a mentor, or to be partnered with a mentor complete our sign up form or email Nicole Lauzon at ESPA Headquarters at info@espaonline.org.

If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else. – Booker T. Washington

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