ROI of Event Service

ROI of the Event Service Professional

ESPA’s Guide to Showcasing the Impact and Value of Event Services

One of ESPA’s roles is to advocate for the role of services in the events industry. Services has a significant impact on planner satisfaction. Services also impacts growth — but in other ways than direct sales. Yet sometimes there is a lack of awareness or clarity of the full breadth of the role of Services. The ROI of the Event Service Professional is a new tool to support our advocacy.

The goal of this Guide is to help the Event Service Professional develop a quantitative way to measure, explain and showcase the value and breadth of the services they provide. It presents an array of ideas on data to curate and share with management and stakeholders. Note that there are separate sections for CVBs and Centers/Hotels.

This is a tool to help event service professionals measure their magic!

We encourage all service professionals to review the full list of ideas to help showcase Services’ value in the most impactful way at each and every organization. Consider how these metrics can be curated, packaged and implemented with an end goal of growing the awareness of the importance of Services.

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