Codes of Ethics

ESPA Code of Ethics Statement

“Ethics” can be defined as the critical, structured examination of how we should behave — in particular, how we should constrain the pursuit of self-interest when our actions affect others.
From: The Business Ethics Blog, 2010, Chris MacDonald, PhD

Event Service Professionals Association (ESPA) presents the following ethics statement to establish and promote the professional behaviors we feel are vital to our work in the hospitality business.

We believe it provides a framework that will guide us to follow the right path in our duties. It also tells the marketplace that business practices which adhere to decency and integrity are in line with the values ESPA represents. ESPA’s Guiding Principles:

  • We will at all times conduct our business and ourselves in such a way that reflects the highest degree of ethics and morality beyond reproach.
  • We will extend cooperation and respect to all colleagues, clients and industry partners equally, treating them with fairness and courtesy.
  • We will not exploit professional relationships for personal gain.
  • Each member of ESPA is responsible for elevating and representing our profession of event services management with credibility and integrity.
  • We will choose methods of solidifying or fostering professional relationships that are ethical and driven by quality of service.
  • We will not engage in or condone any form of harassment or discrimination.
  • As members of ESPA, we will continually strive to raise our ethical expectations and encourage continued education and dialogue.

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