ESPC Certification


What it means to you

Earning the Event Service Professional Certification (ESPC)—the hallmark of excellence for the event services profession—demonstrates that you possess the skills and talents to be effective in this important role. ESPC showcases your commitment to continuous learning and professional development. ESPC sets you apart.

And the benefits extend to your clients. Holding this certification gives you credibility, instills confidence, and helps to solidify strong working relationships.

What it means for the Event Service Profession

Once a contract is booked, Event Service Professionals (ESPs) become the face of a destination, hotel or venue, ensuring their largest clients—groups that spend tens of thousands of dollars on a special event—will come back for more. They help meeting planners keep events right-side up, despite last-minute changes and unexpected surprises. They partner with event organizers, juggle multiple events and responsibilities and many stakeholders.

In short, ESPs manage the details so meeting planners, venues and destinations succeed.

The ESPC promotes achievement, development and excellence in our field, and builds credibility in the events industry.

A list of certified Event Service Professionals will be posted on the ESPA web site as well as promoted through ESPA channels. You've earned it!

The ESPC certification:

  • Recognizes the skillsets, talent and problem-solving skills that are needed to be an effective Event Service Professional.
  • Evaluates key attributes for designates in the program.
  • Champions education and professional development for Event Service Professionals.
  • Emphasizes the value of collaboration across the CVB/DMO, Center and Hotel segments for successful and seamless event execution.
  • Promotes the Event Service profession as an invaluable, economic generator.

ESPA is excited to bring this professional development opportunity to its members and to the events industry. The Event Service Professional Certification provides individuals in this dynamic profession with a program to help set them apart, demonstrating their skills and talents specifically as they relate to Event Servicing.

Step one: Application & Eligibility

Candidates pay an application fee and submit an Application with the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Event Services Training or Breadth of Work Experience
    • Option 1: Take the online ESPA Event Service Professional Foundational Training Program
    • Option 2: You may submit a Waiver Request to bypass the Training Program if you have a minimum of 10 years of event servicing experience and can clearly demonstrate knowledge and experience in all servicing segments.
  2. Event Services Education
    • Candidate must have completed a minimum of 20 education hours specifically in Event Service topics within the past 3 years.

Step two: Getting Certified; Demonstrate Skills and Knowledge

Approved candidates must demonstrate their knowledge and skillsets as an Event Service Professional through work on a Capstone Project which has two parts:

  • Candidate will be required to write an event services Challenge which you will, in part 2, then be required to write a Response to. The written Challenge involves developing and describing a hypothetical or real-world challenge scenario that may be faced by an Event Service Professional within one of our designated subject matter areas (examples include Risk Management, Event Design, Sustainability, Customer Service). Your written Challenge must be reviewed by the ESPA Review Board before proceeding to the written Response.
  • Once the Challenge is approved, candidate will write a thorough Response to the Challenge. The ESPA Review Board will evaluate the Response which must include hotel, facility/venue and DMO related elements as well as describe the final outcome of the challenge/solution. Response reviews are conducted quarterly, therefore certifications are issued quarterly.

A certification fee is required prior to commencing with this step. Download the full program requirements and instructions which provide more detail on the above steps.

Certification is good for 5 years. See Maintaining Your Certification section below for details.

Candidates for Option 1, with parcipitation the Training Program: Member Non-Member
Application Fee $175 $250
Event Service Professional Foundational Training Program $229 $329
Certification Fee $525 $600
Total $929 $1,179
Candidates for Option 2, with a Waiver Request to bypass the Training Program: Member Non-Member
Application Fee $325 $450
Certification Fee $525 $600
Total $850 $1,050
Recertification Member Non-Member
Recertification Fee $300 $500

Download the full program requirements and instructions.

All ESPC forms can also be found on My ESPA Portal.

Questions? Contact us at certification@espaonline.org

We recommend that you have reviewed the full information document so that you understand the eligibility requirements such as Training or a Waiver for the Training, proof of Continuing Education pre-requisites, and the fees.

  1. Pay the Application fee in the My ESPA Portal. Application fee is non-refundable. Please be sure to pay the appropriate fee based on your preferred Option. NOTE: Your application cannot be reviewed until the fee is paid.

    Member Non-Member
    Candidates for Option 1, with participation in the Training Program:
    Application Fee
    *Note: Training Program is a separate fee.
    $175 $250
    Candidates for Option 2, with a Waiver Request to bypass the Training Program:
    Application Fee $325 $450
  2. Download and submit the Application.
    • Option 1: If you are applying under Option 1 which includes taking the Event Service Professional Foundational Training Program to meet your eligibility requirement, you should complete the Training Program and submit the Evaluation / Attestation Form with your Application to demonstrate that you have completed the Training.
    • Option 2: Foundational Training Waiver Request (Candidate must have a minimum of 10 years of event services experience). If you are submitting a Foundational Training Waiver Request to bypass the Event Service Professional Foundational Training Program, you must include the Waiver Request form with your Application, and you must pay the fee level for Option 2 which includes a waiver review.
  3. To accelerate your certification timeline, you may also submit your written Challenge at the same time as you submit your Application and optional Training Waiver Request. This gives the ESPA Review Board the opportunity to review both documents together.

Questions? Contact us at certification@espaonline.org

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