Celebrate Services Week


National Celebrate Services Week is here!

Now is the time to share your Celebrate Services event with us here!

What is ESPA’s National Celebrate Services Week?

In 2010, ESPA created National Celebrate Services Day as a way to celebrate the role of the event service professional, to advocate for the event services profession, and to give our members a local networking opportunity with fellow services peers. Over time, the Day grew and eventually became a Week.

Celebrate Services – Throwdown for your Hometown!
National Celebrate Services Week 2022
August 1-5, 2022

ESPA knows that each destination and venue is unique and now is the time to show that off!

  • Do you have an interesting landmark that’s a must see?
  • Is there type of food your city is known for?
  • A special treat or cocktail?
  • Is your destination a hidden gem you want everyone to know about?
  • A team your whole city rallies for?

This is week to show it off!

We are looking for you, our ESPA members across North America to spearhead networking events during the week of August 1-5! We will publicize these events and showcase ESPA’s Event Services network across the country.

Locally, this gives you an opportunity to put a spotlight on the Event Services team in your own destination. Take pictures, share your event on social media, invite your peers, managers, and executives, and let everyone know what makes your hometown shine!

You can host whatever type of event you’d like but if you’re looking for some ideas to help inspire you, here are few to get you started:

  • Destination networking event
    • Simple networking however you want to do it! Invite local Event Professionals and explore your city! Visit those places you always mean to but never have time to or try that new restaurant that just opened. No networking event is too big or too small! Can’t get out and about? Have a networking event at a famous eatery or in your venue catered in with local delicacies.
  • Back in business – Education or Training Lunch & Learn
    • Plan a lunch and learn with fellow members and city partners, bring in food from a local partner, and watch a recent webinar to learn about topics impacting the service industry, followed by a question-and-answer session.
      • You can access recording though our webinar archive in the My ESPA Portal.
  • Local F&B events
    • Give back to local partners and plan something to give them a chance to show off their current offerings.
  • A health and wellbeing event
    • Come together with staff and partners and take some time to focus on your wellbeing. Organize a walk to see the sights of the city, rent bikes, or host a yoga/meditation class.
  • Members may also want to do a community service activity together. There are many organizations in need, and this can be a uniting effort for the services people in your community. Celebrate your hometown by giving back.

Don’t forget to invite non-member event service professionals in your destination. All services pros are welcome!

Once you have set up your event let ESPA Headquarters know about it. Complete our event form and Headquarters will spread the word about your event to our members. Remember no event is too small! We want to know how you are celebrating your local event professionals.


On the day of your event

Time to see all your hard work pay off. Be sure to follow these simple steps to have a great National Celebrate Services Week:

  • Meet and greet your guests…have a welcoming committee.
  • Pass out ESPA Flyers
  • Collect names of ALL attendees (name, title, address, email, phone) so that they can be provided to ESPA. This is important, especially for prospective members that attend – ESPA wants to recruit them!
  • Post on social media tagging ESPA on Twitter  and on Facebook
  • Take pictures!
  • And of course, have fun!


Unable to host an event this week?

ESPA encourages you to host an event close to National Celebrate Services Week if August 1-5 does not work for your team. ESPA will still spread the word about your event to our members!


Share How Your Event Went!

Once your event is over, make a note to follow up with your attendees– it is a great way to open the door to more networking with those who know your profession best, meet local colleagues and make new friends!

Every year ESPA highlights events held by our members locations on social media, our website and in event*ure. Send your photos and attendee list to info@espaonline.org to be included!

 Questions?  Contact ESPA Headquarters at Info@espaonline.org

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