October Events Trend: CSR activities

CSR activities come in many shapes and forms. There are amazing outings where attendees can get out into our communities and be hands-on with local service organizations. Cleaning up a beach, working at a food bank. These are all great opportunities. Occasionally clients may have limited time or budgets to take groups to off-site activities like these. Do you — whether hotel, Center or CVB — readily offer or educate your planner clients about opportunities that can be done right under the roof at the event venue? Make it easy for your planners! Beyond your own grassroots effort, local and nationwide organizations can organize this type of activity that groups can do in between sessions, on breaks, or even on registration day after they pick up their badge. The result – superb networking while doing good and without significant time investment. ESPA will host Clean the World hygiene kit assembly at the Conference, and others such as Shopping for Change also offer this service.

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