Heard it from Planner Robert J. Donovan, Senior Director, Meeting & Travel Services, AMERICAN HOSPITAL ASSOCIATION

Q: What is something that an Event Service Professional has done, or does regularly, that you love or value greatly?
I worked with a [CSM] once who anticipated our every need and took the initiative to correct the problems. Typical encounters were: “I just learned your CEO will need a late check-out…I’ve taken care of it” or “Your breakout room isn’t big enough now…we’ve moved it to a bigger room and have let everyone know”. Nothing better than having problems solved before you hear about them.
Q: What key attributes, qualities or skills are you looking for in your Event Services Representative?
A: 1) Clearly he/she must be extremely organized and able to multi-task. 2) Also resourcefulness and the ability to solve problems are of the utmost importance. 3) To me, perhaps the most important attribute is “grace under fire”. Your motto should be, “Never let ‘em see you sweat!”

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