Heard it from Planner Diane Haggerty, Manager, Meetings and Conference, Metal Powder Industries Federation

One experience I had with a CSM that I’ll never forget is staff had been busy preparing for the conference all day in one of the meeting rooms at the hotel. Late that afternoon, the CSM comes in with a banquet server and these two large carts that had multiple shelves on each. On each shelf, there was individual bags of snacks, trail mix, granola bars, candy bars, pastries, bottles of water, soft drinks, etc. Our CSM explained to us that this was a complimentary service for our staff so that if we needed a pick-me-up throughout the conference it would be here for us. It came in handy so often as it was something quick we could grab on the go… especially on the days when there wasn’t any time for us to eat a meal.

Diane Haggerty
Manager, Meetings and Conferences
Metal Powder Industries Federation

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