Heard it from Planner Dana Saal, CMP, CAE

Q: What key attributes, qualities or skills are you looking for in your Event Services Representative?
A: An Event Services Representative’s key attributes are a good memory, focus and a positive attitude:
• A good memory so he/she can memorize my agenda, recall my special needs (whether contract-worthy or not) and partner with me in my decision-making.
• Focus so he/she can concentrate exclusively on me and my event when engaged with me—even with other clients who also demand attention.
• A positive attitude because positive people are more creative, make the rough spots smoother and are easier to work with. They are also more pleasant and fun. This is not the same as someone who is supportive and gets the job done. That’s very important, of course, but someone who gets it done can also have a negative attitude and we can see through it.

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