Heard it from Planner Angie Ahrens, CMP, Director of Meetings & Events, Connect (formerly Collinson Media & Events)

Q: How can a facility or hotel truly WOW you? Please give examples….
A: Not only work with me, but also with my team. Many times, the professionals I work with are absolutely fantastic and overwhelmingly generous with their service towards me. But those who go above and beyond, treating my team the same way, really helps me build the morale and team work that is needed at events. Having supplies (beyond just a box of tape and cards) available for early teams is amazing. One destination went so far beyond the basics by providing a television for those long hours in the staff office, candy, even a stability ball for us to use so we had options. It is something I’ll always remember (the stability ball is currently in my office as my chair!) and appreciate.
Q: What are the top three things as a planner that you expect or need from your CVB, Hotel or Center services manager (specific services):
1. Site Visit Coordination, including a city tour with not only sales, but my services manager too.
2. Communication. Getting their contact information early (email, number, etc.) and letting me know how they respond and communicate best is always ideal.
3. An Open Mind. It is great to know what has been done in the past, as it may work best. But sometimes there are new ideas that we, as planners, can spark in you as well. This is where the honest feedback comes in, to see how we can make it the best event your city/hotel/center has ever had, in addition to our best event.

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