Heard if from Planner Bridget A. Robinson, CMP, Director, National Convention & Meetings, The American Legion National Headquarters

Q: What is something that an Event Service Professional has done, or does regularly, that you love or value greatly?

A: Just being present on-site during the event and being available is crucial. This creates trust between the client/vendor.

Additionally, making the client feel at home. I am away from home for 22 straight days every August. Making my staff and I feel comfortable is important. Whether it is saying hello every day to us, providing a special “pin of privileges,” giving framed pictures of our loved ones or just getting to know us on a more personal level is always valued and appreciated.

Likewise, being accountable for mistakes (if we aren’t making mistakes then one isn’t learning), touching base each day on-site and being responsive throughout the entire nine months of pre-planning are all contributing factors that lead to the overall success of our National Convention. As I like to say, each train car needs to be rolling down the same track. There may be stops along the way or detours but it eventually finds its way back to the main track.

Lastly, subsequent to the event, keeping in touch truly sets the CSMs apart and shows they cared.

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