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Introduced in 2019 ESPA initiated a leadership program for members at the associate director level and higher. This has become a forum for leaders in the service field to talk to fellow leaders and help them grow as the leaders they are.

In 2019 and 2020 ESPA hosted a Leadership track at our annual conference for those at the associate director level and higher. This program offers professionally facilitated workshops and peer to peer roundtable talks.

ESPA offers a series of discussions on ESPA Connect and interactive professional calls led by members or speakers.

If you are interested in more information or want to help build future programing for ESPA leaders please contact ESPA Headquarters at info@espaonline.org

Our Upcoming Call:

The COVID-19 pandemic brought an unprecedented level of change to our lives – both personally and professionally. This session will explore the loss that businesses and employees are facing because of that change, and the emotions employees are likely feeling because of it. We will communicate the calls to action for leaders to take on the role of “Listener,” and the behaviors and language they can use to best support and help employees process their emotions.


  • Mark Wojcik, Director Talent Management, PSAV Training and Development


Topic: Leading Through Change
Date: July 14, 2020, 1:00 ET
 Domain: E: Human Resources

Upcoming Leadership Calls:

July 28, 2020
To Be Announced 

Previous Leadership Calls:

June 30, 2020
Topic: Virtual Post COVID-19 Promotional Trips
Domain: H: Site Management

June 16, 2020
Topic: Virtual Site Tours
H: Site Management

June 2, 2020
In-Person Site Tours in a Post COVID-19 World
H: Site Management

May 19, 2020
Topic: Staff Moral
 Domain: E: Human Resources

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