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April 2009

Idea Network
April 16, 2009
Topic: Signs of the Times...Discussions with Meeting Planners

May 2009

May 21, 2009
Topic: Top Clauses for Contract Negotiations

June 2009

2009 Summer Education Conference
June 14-16, 2009
Las Vegas, Nevada
Westin Casuarina

August 2009

August 20, 2009
Topic: Economic Update from the Industry Experts

September 2009

Idea Network
September 17, 2009
Track 1: Working Effectively with MINT
Track 2: How to Capitalize on Your CMP Designation

October 2009

October 15, 2009
Topic: APEX Update

November 2009

Idea Network
November 19, 2009
Track 1: Discussion of Housing and Registration Issues
Track 2: Discussion of Food and Beverage Issues

TMS Launches Carbon Offset Shuttle Program & Successfully Offsets 720 Tons of CO2 in 2008

Transportation Management Services (TMS) announced today that they have successfully implemented an innovative Carbon Offset Shuttle Program that provides a negative carbon footprint from ground
transportation for their entire client base in 2009. The TMS Carbon Offset Shuttle Program was officially introduced in mid-2008 for a small portion of their client base. During the initial test phase of the program TMS’ goal was to create, manage and compute the logistical onsite shuttle information and create a post show tally of the number of gallons of diesel each bus burned along with the number of numeric tons of emissions the buses emitted. Subsequent to TMS’ findings they worked closely with their partner, CarbonFund.org to “fact check” each shows assessment.

720 tons of carbon were offset during the initial test phase.

TMS is proud to have successfully provided a negative carbon footprint for the following clients in 2008:
• Greenbuild International Conference & Expo – 125 tons of CO2
• MLB All-Star Game – 175 tons of CO2
• Natural Products Expo East & West – 70 tons of CO2
• Cisco Systems Global Sales Meetings – 225 tons of CO2
• National Apartment Association Conference & Expo – 25 tons of CO2
• VM World – 100 Tons of CO2

Jenny Gibson from the National Apartment Association said, “It is very interesting to read the Carbon Offset Analysis that tracked the number of numeric tons of diesel emitted over the duration of our convention. Your guidance in helping us select the best program to donate the carbon credits was very much appreciated! We were excited to share with our conference attendees that our complimentary donation is being used to support the 100% Wind-Generated Renewable Energy Program through CarbonFund.org.” While biodiesel and other alternative fuels can lower emissions, it's really not the answer, for a variety of reasons.

"TMS' goal is to have a negative carbon footprint across all of our events", says Kevin O'Connor, TMS' Chief Operating Officer. "To that end, we've teamed with the Carbon Fund and we can now let our clients decide how they want the offsets to be used (i.e. energy efficiency, renewable energy, etc.)". Due to the success of the TMS Carbon Offset Program in 2008, TMS will be extending this complimentary program to any association, corporation or event organizer that procures TMS as their shuttle transportation provider in 2009 and beyond.

Transportation Management Services is the nation’s leading transportation management company for complex events. Since 1995, TMS has helped hundreds of customers host successful events around the world. Leveraging the 40+ years of experience of its founders, TMS provides highly customized and flexible services to meet the unique needs of its customers’ events, with an unswerving focus on a positive experience for attendees and event organizers alike. TMS’ unique blending of people, process, and technology maximizes the effectiveness of the event logistics and the attendee experience. For more information about TMS, visit www.tms-llc.com.


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