Upcoming ACOM Event Calendar

August 2009

August 20, 2009
Topic: Economic Update from the Industry Experts

September 2009

Idea Network
September 17, 2009
Track 1: Working Effectively with MINT
Track 2: How to Capitalize on Your CMP Designation

October 2009

October 15, 2009
Topic: APEX Update

November 2009

Idea Network
November 19, 2009
Track 1: Discussion of Housing and Registration Issues
Track 2: Discussion of Food and Beverage Issues

January 2010

Annual Conference
January 8-10
Dallas, Texas
Westin City Center

Test your problem-solving skills

Are you a problem-solving ace? Answer each of the following questions “Yes” or “No,” and then check your status.

• Have you ever agreed to try ideas that differ radically from any you have tried in the past?

• Are you willing to offer your boss an original approach, even if the idea’s possible failure would reflect poorly on you?

• Do you always fall back on tried and-true solutions when more original ones run into snags?

• Do you enjoy taking calculated risks?

• Do you propose solutions without worrying about others’ reactions to your ideas?

• Can you work cooperatively with others without feeling you have lost a chance to burnish your own reputation?

• Do you resist others’ solutions when you feel they are inadequate?

• Do you suggest solutions you’re sure will work even though they have been rejected before?

• Do you feel no loss of status or prestige if others reject your proposed solution?

• Are you willing to adapt your proposed solutions to accommodate others’ objections and concerns?

Answers: Each of the behaviors described above is a productive technique for solving problems. The more you said “Yes,” the greater your potential as a problem solver.

—From the editors.

Reprinted with permission from Competitive Advantage. Copyright 2009 Briefings Media Group. www.briefings.com. Orginially adapted from Competitive Advantage.

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