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August 2009

August 20, 2009
Topic: Economic Update from the Industry Experts

September 2009

Idea Network
September 17, 2009
Track 1: Working Effectively with MINT
Track 2: How to Capitalize on Your CMP Designation

October 2009

October 15, 2009
Topic: APEX Update

November 2009

Idea Network
November 19, 2009
Track 1: Discussion of Housing and Registration Issues
Track 2: Discussion of Food and Beverage Issues

January 2010

Annual Conference
January 8-10
Dallas, Texas
Westin City Center

Inspire teammates with peer recognition

The Gallup Organization, a research and consulting firm based in Washington, D.C., promotes peer recognition with its Drop in a Bucket program. At Gallup, each time a worker offers compliments on a teammate’s performance, the person offering praise receives a “drop” in his or her “bucket,” symbolizing that person’s capacity to support teammates positively. Team members with the most drops receive special recognition at the annual company awards event.

Strategy: Establish your own peer recognition system. Whenever teammates receive positive recognition from a team member, have them e-mail you, including the team member’s name and the words “Peer Recognition” in the subject line. Then you can honor those people who recognize and praise their peers most often.

Time-saving tip: Create an online “Peer Recognition” folder to file all those e-mails. Sort by subject to determine very quickly who is offering the most praise to teammates.

Originally printed in The Competitive Advantage e-zine.

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