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Logistically Speaking in December – Being Ready for Your Events

By Sekeno Aldred, MTA, CMP

Have you ever been late to a function only to get behind someone who is driving slowly and you end up blaming the slow driver for why you are late? Well this same theory holds true for someone who does not plan soon enough in their work life. December, in addition to being filled with holiday celebrations, can be a great month for cleaning off the desk with old meeting files, planning early and getting ahead of the logistics game.

Think how great it will feel when your event date approaches and you have already completed most of your logistics planning tasks that would normally arrive out of nowhere and loom over your head when there are not enough hours in a day to get it done. Here are other reasons why you should work on your logistics in December:

Become your Convention Service Manager’s Best Friend: You will have the undivided attention of your CSM and get so much out of them during this month when they may not be busy with other in-house meetings.

Maintain Your Mental Health and Sanity: There’s nothing like being cool, calm and collected as your event gets closer. Advance planning will go a long ways toward helping you keep your sanity during hectic times.

No Distractions from Colleagues: Most of your colleagues are taking time off for the holidays and are not even concerned with what you are doing during this month. You’ll get accolades once they start paying attention to the event and you have answers to their questions before they even ask them.

For those who have the opportunity to start planning the logistics of your event in December, I challenge you to begin working on your function sheets with as much information as you can. Figure out your budgets to actual cost, assign your meeting rooms, select your menu, decide on your audio visual needs, create your signage, draft all correspondence as much as you can. Once you have gotten ahead of your game and have met deadlines earlier than expected, you will be ready to ring in the New Year with great optimism for what lies ahead!

Sekeno Aldred, MTA, CMP is a Learning Events Specialist at Goodwill Industries International, Inc. A graduate of Trinity College, Sekeno also earned her Masters of Tourism Administration from George Washington University. Contact Sekeno.

Permission to reprint with attribution to The Hyland Group.

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